Camp Serve Day 4

Today at Camp Serve~~

Our crews first arrived to a mayhem of shirt selling.  It was very busy and had a large line, but after everyone had purchesed their (very cool might I add) shirts we headed over for some game time.  Purple competed against other teams through some silly compations.  Bergan impersanated Stevens impression of a goat, Lizzie danced on her head and Curtis (from another team) burped, loudly. Then we headed to club. We sang, we played we competed and we were ready to serve.

Today for our servise project the purple team did two things. First we sorted markers..... Exiting! Our team was surprised about how much fun it was. Then we made some more sandwiches for another homeless shelter, Harbor Lights in DT Mpls. When we went to go get a tour,  a small problem accoured...  After bringing blue down our tour guide was comming up back to get us when the elevator broke. While we waited for them to get her out we played games such as mini ninja and stand up.

We finished the day with collecting the food bags we dropped of on tuesday. We didnt have much luck