GroupLife FAQs

What is GroupLife? and other Frequently Asked Questions...

GroupLife is for people who want to connect with others and find traction in their faith. And for all of us who have more questions than answers about Jesus, God and life. Let's explore them together!

Food. Conversation. Study. Prayer. Service.  These are the 5 things that you can expect as part of your GroupLife experience.  Groups meet at a variety of times and places during the three 8-week seasons (fall, winter and spring) of GroupLife. You can join up with a group that fits your schedule or find a friend to start a new one with! We'll help you.

Why join GroupLife?

Crowds on Sundays can be a bit intimidating, and there's not always much time or the opportunity to really get to know anyone before or after the service. GroupLife connects you with others, opens opportunities to develop friendships and explore faith together.

What do groups do?
Groups eat, study, share, pray and serve. You'll enjoy some food and have great conversations launched around topics that matter. You'll realize that everyone has a story, even you.  As you tell and listen to those stories, you'll wake up to new understandings of yourself, the world and God.  You'll find honest talk about the questions, doubts and struggles we all have. You'll experience how praying with and for each other can become more meaningful and less wierd. You'll get to experience what it's like to serve others and realize that we have more time to offer people in need when we make it a priority to serve together.

How does GroupLife work?
Most groups meet once a week at a time and a place that works for them over three 8-week GroupLife seasons (fall, winter, spring). They may meet in a home, a coffee shop or anywhere comfortable to eat, pray, share and discuss. The groups can be co-ed, same gendered, or couples, and they can meet on any day of the week. At the end of each season, everyone decides to either continue with the same group or to join a new one.

What is a group HOST?

Each group has a HOST who simply:

H = Helps people feel comfortable (welcome, coordinate, communicate)
O = Opens their home (or arranges for a good spot)
S = Serves a snack (or arranges for one)
T = Turns on the DVD...and/or turns over great questions to the group to foster discussion

You don't need any special qualifications to be a HOST.

How do I get into a group?
Sign up here OR on the Communication Card any Sunday morning. The GroupLife team will help you join or start a group. You might be invited by someone you meet.

Can I invite a friend or family member who hasn't attended Jacob's Well?
Yes! Think of someone to invite to come along with you! Don't worry if they haven't signed up or don't attend Jacob's Well or even church - just let your group HOST know. GroupLife is for everyone.